Hello World!

And so it begins.

As much as I tried to convince myself to stay in the healthcare analytics world (a great career with awesome coworkers AND ergonomically sound work spaces [aside: why does it seem like 95% of study spaces for grad students are equipped with unadjustable chairs made for people three feet taller than me?]), academia just kept calling. I thought the MA a few years ago would be enough, but it turned out to be merely a gateway drug.

My first semester at Notre Dame was tough – 16 credits (5 classes and a fellowship lecture) will do that – but you know what? It’s what I came here for. Just like when I’m halfway up a rock face, hands sweating, asking myself ‘why do I do this, again?’, secretly I always know I’ll have it no other way.

Long story short, here we go! It’s going to be an exciting five years.

ND PIER Retreat 2017
Me with my fellow Burns Fellows at our 2017 welcome retreat

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