ASREC Workshop

What sociologists and political scientists look like after self-sorting at an econ conference

I went to my first ever workshop earlier this spring – the grad workshop with Association for the Study of Religion Economics and Culture at Chapman University, CA. Honestly, it was just what I was needing to reinvigorate my semester (and spirit!). I don’t know what I was expecting, but I’m surprised at how super hyped it got me about doing my own research. The conference was interdisciplinary, with economists and a smattering of political scientists, sociologists, and perhaps even an anthropologist or two. (Hilariously, the non-economists self-sorted into a small support group almost immediately, though we all intermingled quite a bit. I’m sure there’s some in-group/out-group research question there…) I got to see presentations on everything from the longterm effects of colonialism to church attendance and rain. It was pretty awesome.

Moral of the story: My first workshop/conference was amazing – 10/10 would do again. (shoutout to ASREC for the funding and opportunity!) In fact, maybe next time I go, I’ll even be the one presenting!


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