Works in the Review Process:

  • “Is Democracy the Answer to Intractable Climate Change?” with Angela Chesler, Debra Javeline, and Kimberly Peh. Conditionally accepted at Global Environmental Politics
  • “Women’s Participation in Post-Earthquake Rebuilding under Conditions of Male Out-Migration” (R&R)

Selected Works-in-Progress:

  • “Attribution and Statistical Software in Political Science,” with Jennifer Forestal
  • “Public Opinion, Governance, and Disaster Management in Urban Nepal” (Dissertation paper)
  • “Democratic Citizenship and the Provision of Electricity in Rural Nepal,” with Suraj Parajuli
  • “Model Robustness in Political Science”


  • Shana Scogin, Johannes Karreth, Andreas Beger, and Jay Rob Williams. (2019). “BayesPostEst: An R Package to Generate Postestimation Quantities for Bayesian MCMC Estimation.” Journal of Open Source Software, 4(42), 1722. Read the paper here or check out the website here.
  • Shana Scogin, Sarah Petersen, Jeff Harden, and Bruce Desmarais. (2019). “modeLLtest: An R Package for Unbiased Model Comparison using Cross Validation.” Journal of Open Source Software, 4(41), 1542. Read the paper here.

Policy-Oriented Publications:

  • Susan Ostermann and Shana Scogin, 2020 BTI Country Report: Nepal.