Teaching Assistantships

  • Introduction to International Relations, Dr. Susan Pratt Rosato, w/ two independently led sections, Notre Dame, IN, Fall 2019
  • World Politics (Intro to Comparative Politics), Dr. James McAdams, w/ two independently led sections, Notre Dame, IN, Spring 2019
  • World Politics (Intro to Comparative Politics), Dr. Luis Schiumerini, w/ two independently led sections, Notre Dame, IN, Fall 2018

Professional Experience

  • English Teacher, Nowon Elementary School, Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (SMOE), Seoul, Korea, 2008 – 2011
  • District English Teacher, Nowon-gu District, Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (SMOE), Seoul, Korea, 2010


  • Excellence in Teaching Award, University of Notre Dame Political Science Department, Notre Dame, IN, 2019
  • Seoul Metropolitan English Teacher of the Year Award, Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, Seoul, Korea, 2009

Certificates and Workshops

  • “Striving for Excellence in University Teaching,” Certificate and Workshop Series, Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, 2019
    • “Helping Students in Distress” with the University Counseling Center
    • “Gathering Early Semester Student Feedback”
    • “Universal Design for Learning: Meeting the Needs of all Students”
    • “Teaching Naked” with Jose Antonio Bowen, Ph.D
    • “Engaging Students in Large Classes”

Guest Lectures

  • “Research Design and Fieldwork in Comparative Politics,” Undergraduate Research Design Senior Seminar, Notre Dame, IN, November 2019
  • “Ethnic Conflict and the Post-Colonial World,” World Politics, Notre Dame, IN, April 2019
  • “Median Regression,” Quantitative Methods Graduate Course, Notre Dame, IN, March 2019
  • “Modernity,” World Politics, Notre Dame, IN, January 2019
  • “How Authoritarianisms Work,” World Politics, Notre Dame, IN, November 2018

Selected Community Outreach

  • Big Sister Mentor, Big Brothers Big Sisters Program, South Bend, IN, 2018 – Present
  • College Mentor, Samaanta Foundation, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2018 – Present
  • Workshop Leader, Samaanta Foundation, Kathmandu, Nepal, Summer 2018
  • Pre-teen Stress Reduction Teacher, Common Ground Meditation Center, Minneapolis, MN, 2016 – 2017


Our capacity for innovation and understanding increases as we engage in diverse experiences. As a public school teacher in Korea, I taught English to the teachers in my district where I assigned news articles to seed discussion. Though I had grown up in a culturally diverse household and was aware of cultural frames, I had not been aware of some frames I had taken for granted. They, in turn, expressed surprise at how our intuitions of approaching issues differed. Our differences allowed us to learn and grow together. Experiences such as these have pushed me to encourage interactive learning and to celebrate diversity in the classroom.

As a teacher, I draw upon experiences such as having been a first generation college student to promote a healthy learning environment. I set clear parameters and track the educative environment to guide discussion. I also encourage a diverse way of engaging the material. Smaller group discussions might benefit some students, while others are more confident one on one. Ultimately, our different experiences, methods, and approaches allow us all to build the tools we can use to grow intellectually. I take it to be the edge of my practice to engage these themes in order to promote intellectual exchange, growth, and empowerment within the classroom and community as a whole.